Mother Teresa Becoming a Saint

Something that I found this last week, that I thought was quite interesting, Mother Teresa has now been titled a Saint. She has been titled a Saint about as fast as anyone has. Most Saints are acknowledged/titled decades, sometimes even centuries after their death.  She is now a Saint at a mere 19 years after her death. According to a BBC news article, these 19 years include a skipped five year waiting period, an investigation by the Church to decide if they were “a servant of GOD,” and led a, “life of ‘heroic virtue,'” verify miracles from that person, and then finally be canonized as a Saint. She is claimed by many to be one of the most virtuous, and pure people to have ever lived. For years, she selflessly assisted people in India and neighboring areas and lived in poverty to stay as close to the people she was helping. She truly should be our, “model of holiness,” as quoted by Pope Francis in a CNN article on her canonization.


Literary Devices Paragraph


     The only scent is that of a cool, crisp morning. The view is so stunning, I am not frightened of the massive drop off, mere feet from where I am standing. The way the light breaks through the early morning clouds sends a slowly spreading warmth across my face. The sun slowly illuminating the shades of red and orange of the layered rocks beneath me, all while the quiet sound of the distant river provide a serene and tranquil location for the thoughts of a new day, and of new beginnings.

First blog post

      First attempt at a blog post. Not really sure what specifically to say/blog about. Whatever the lingo is supposed to be. I am supposed to be telling you about  something that “helps defeat the single story that people often tell about HS juniors at suburban schools.” To be honest, I have never really paid all that much attention to whatever rumors or stories  I have heard. I have taken a very laid back approach to this kind of criticism and have seen it works out better for most everyone to ignore the few that have made said rumors. I don’t get upset or disturbed by whatever it is they might have said and no one gets their feathers ruffled. Finally the few that I have heard are either so ridiculous or so far off, that I honestly laugh when I hear them.

      All in all, my solution to this issue with the single story, is to either ignore it and let people make their own judgements on you. Or you could learn to tune out the pointless critics that have no basis. But, if they do have credibility in their criticisms, you could also try and improve yourself as a person.