Mother Teresa Becoming a Saint

Something that I found this last week, that I thought was quite interesting, Mother Teresa has now been titled a Saint. She has been titled a Saint about as fast as anyone has. Most Saints are acknowledged/titled decades, sometimes even centuries after their death.  She is now a Saint at a mere 19 years after her death. According to a BBC news article, these 19 years include a skipped five year waiting period, an investigation by the Church to decide if they were “a servant of GOD,” and led a, “life of ‘heroic virtue,'” verify miracles from that person, and then finally be canonized as a Saint. She is claimed by many to be one of the most virtuous, and pure people to have ever lived. For years, she selflessly assisted people in India and neighboring areas and lived in poverty to stay as close to the people she was helping. She truly should be our, “model of holiness,” as quoted by Pope Francis in a CNN article on her canonization.


2 thoughts on “Mother Teresa Becoming a Saint

  1. I’d really love to hear more about Mother Theresa’s life, like where she lived and who she helped. I know some, but not enough. Or maybe a comparison of who else in history became a saint so quickly? Note: if calling her “a saint” or referring to sainthood, it should be lowercase.


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