What is the Best Thing in the World?

Is it candy? No. Is it a good movie or a good book? No. Is it a dog or cat? No, but your close. The best things on this Earth, are puppies and kittens. Anyone who argues that point just has no soul. Puppies have been proven to nearly cure depression and when they grow up, they are a persons most loyal companion. Though some would argue that puppies and kittens require too much work to take care of, if you can care for them in their first months, they will never betray you. Long story short, get a puppy or kitten, they are too cute to not have at least two.


Oh Steelers…

As a Steelers fan, let me just say it is maddening how close they are to being a great team, instead of a good team. They played well against the Bengals and Jets, but played pitifully against the Eagles, Patriots, and most regrettably, the Dolphins. They are still somehow in the lead of their division with a 4-3 record, but they could be a game or two better than that. They just haven’t been able to keep it together. Either their players aren’t all healthy or they just blow what should have been a sure win (cough cough, DOLPHINS… cough cough). Anyone else upset with their teams not being as good as they could be?

New T.V. Show, Dr. Bull

Have you ever wanted to watch a show like “Criminal Minds” like profiling, but you couldn’t get over the gore? Or does anyone else miss Michael Weatherly from N.C.I.S.? Well, Dr.Bull is the show for you. It is a show about a trial consultant, Dr. Jason Bull, who helps a defense attorney with a particularly arduous case. He uses advanced algorithms…blah blah blah, computer stuff. Basically, he tries to duplicate the same types of people who are on the actual jury and makes a jury of his own with similar views and morals. He then uses this test jury to see what tactics the defense can use to get a favorable result from the juries’ vote. I cannot adequately describe this show to give it justice, just take an hour out of your day on a Tuesday night and sit back and relax with the drama, comedy, and suspense of this delightful show.

The Vice-Presidential Debate

Isn’t it sad when there are grown adults who bicker and whine and complain worse than children still in their single digit ages? Well, there has been quite a lot of that going on this election year. The arguments are no longer about “What I can do to better our country.” Instead it is about, “Well, he/she can’t lead our country because ______.” As a couple of the reporters at the debate stated, “With both vice-presidents focused on defending their respective candidates, we still have no idea what either intends to do with their vice presidential office.” The entire reason for the debate, out the window, never answered it, continued interrupting and whining “Your wrong!” and “That’s not true, that’s not what he/she said!” Will they mature? Or will we have a politically childish president. My hope is that whoever wins has a sane cabinet that will keep everyone’s heads on straight.

Band can be great, and awful at the same time… but it’s sometimes worth it.

Funny thing happened this last Friday night at the High school’s football game. We went and played a school that had not seen our particular band for 15 years. The band was told that the people in attendance really liked, “Good marching bands.” When we got there and were getting warmed up for half-time, we were told by the other school’s athletic director that we couldn’t, “…march because you may mess up our field.” Many problems with that statement, first of all our field is almost identical and we would normally march, no matter how muddy and slippery it was. Second, the football players didn’t tear up the field??? We were somehow going to tear it up worse than the football players??? Really, no.

On the good side, we did have, in my opinion, the most energetic and emotional football game yet this year. It was our team’s first away win and it was the closest game this year. Everyone in the stands was really into the game at about the 4th Quarter when we were down 5 points, and in the last couple minutes, get a touchdown and a 2 pt conversion. Very exciting time that I was a bit happy that I was in band and “had” to see this game.