The Vice-Presidential Debate

Isn’t it sad when there are grown adults who bicker and whine and complain worse than children still in their single digit ages? Well, there has been quite a lot of that going on this election year. The arguments are no longer about “What I can do to better our country.” Instead it is about, “Well, he/she can’t lead our country because ______.” As a couple of the reporters at the debate stated, “With both vice-presidents¬†focused on defending their respective candidates, we still have no idea what either intends to do with their vice presidential office.” The entire reason for the debate, out the window, never answered it, continued interrupting and whining “Your wrong!” and “That’s not true, that’s not what he/she said!” Will they mature? Or will we have a politically childish president. My hope is that whoever wins has a sane cabinet that will keep everyone’s heads on straight.


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