New T.V. Show, Dr. Bull

Have you ever wanted to watch a show like “Criminal Minds” like profiling, but you couldn’t get over the gore? Or does anyone else miss Michael Weatherly from N.C.I.S.? Well, Dr.Bull is the show for you. It is a show about a trial consultant, Dr. Jason Bull, who helps a defense attorney with a particularly arduous case. He uses advanced algorithms…blah blah blah, computer stuff. Basically, he tries to duplicate the same types of people who are on the actual jury and makes a jury of his own with similar views and morals. He then uses this test jury to see what tactics the defense can use to get a favorable result from the juries’ vote. I cannot adequately describe this show to give it justice, just take an hour out of your day on a Tuesday night and sit back and relax with the drama, comedy, and suspense of this delightful show.


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