Oh Steelers…

As a Steelers fan, let me just say it is maddening how close they are to being a great team, instead of a good team. They played well against the Bengals and Jets, but played pitifully against the Eagles, Patriots, and most regrettably, the Dolphins. They are still somehow in the lead of their division with a 4-3 record, but they could be a game or two better than that. They just haven’t been able to keep it together. Either their players aren’t all healthy or they just blow what should have been a sure win (cough cough, DOLPHINS… cough cough). Anyone else upset with their teams not being as good as they could be?


5 thoughts on “Oh Steelers…

  1. I love @happysoul18’s reason for wishing the Browns would win. I know it’s sacrilege, but I don’t enjoy sports. Baseball is about the only one I’d watch, if my students weren’t playing it.


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