What happened to the “Win-dians?”

Image result for cleveland indians lose world series 2016

My dad is about one of the biggest Cleveland ______ fans around. He loves the Cavaliers, the Indians, yes even the still winless Browns whose fate he has started to accept. But the main point I wanted to make is the good ol Cleveland Indians. They were having quite the season, but people still thought, “Ehh, they won’t make it far in the play offs.” Guess what, they did. They were thought to lose the World Series in only 5 games. Bt they won two on the road in Chicago. After overcoming all of this doubt from many professional commentators, they have a 3-1 lead in the series, they are practically home free. But no, the pull a Golden State and lose three games in a row including a maddeningly close game 7 and are forced to wait at least another year to win a World Series. With all of this sadness on Cleveland, don’t get me wrong, I’m quite happy the Cubs won. This being their first World Series win in 108 years, I think they deserved it. I guess its just that my family are Cleveland fans, I wanted to see them go all the way, but they just couldn’t quite make it.

(image from wahoosonfirst.com)


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