The Give in Thanksgiving

If your like most families, you probably see Thanksgiving as a time to get together with family, eat until you feel that you are going to explode, and then fall asleep while, er, “watching” a football game. This is all well and good, but might I recommend this year you give something. Whether it be clothes to a Goodwill-like place, or food to a shelter, or even your time to work in one of the mentioned places. Give something that you have excess of to people who don’t, so that way you will have given them something to be thankful for if they are struggling in a difficult time.


2 thoughts on “The Give in Thanksgiving

  1. I couldn’t agree more; It’s the same idea with Christmas. People don’t think of the actual meaning of the holiday, but just the food and gifts that they get during the holiday season. I’m glad you brought the point up to actually give to someone.


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