Magic of Music

Music from Her makes

meadows of light, and peace.



Also from poems we read in English.


The before, the now, and the to be.

Past & future,

my mind is the only thing of mine.

Sad, craving, monstrous years

darkened silent prisoner.

Years before, light music

cries aloud to yourself again.

Soft sunshine, hope, and honey,

make the silent stings bearable.


Made from a collection of phrases from other poems we read in English.


My one word that I chose to work on in 2017 is “Future.” This word just seemed to be one of the most important to me because of my being most of the way through high school, my eyes are already setting ahead to “What next?” This year is going to be focused on what I plan to do, where I plan to go to college, and what I plan to do for the rest of my life. By focusing on the word future, I will be more determined to find a college, keep good grades, and anything else that comes up throughout the year that will be beneficial to my future. I believe I have done a decent job of not staying in the past and looking back, but I feel that this year I will have a more focused objective now that I am moving closer to a brand new stage of my life.