Even though I am not
a parent,
nor do I desire to be one
for a time,
there are some things that drive me nuts.

You should love your kid
enjoy and treasure
the precious moments with them.

You should encourage them
in what they do
so they are the best they can be.

But don’t, whatever you do,
try to raise your kids
to an unreachable pedestal.

You should let your kids
do what they do
as well as they can
without your intervention.

Specifically when they
are old enough
to walk on there own two feet in the big bad world.


What is Music?

Can you define music?
Well sure,
that’s easy! You might say

It can be scientific,
“Sound vibrations
of distinct frequencies…”

It can be the literal definition,
“the written or printed signs representing
vocal or instrumental sound.”

But none of those truly define
the whole embodiment of music.

It is a way of showing joy
or maybe showing off.
It can show sadness,
or anger, or happiness.

You hear, sometimes you feel
all those feelings that you cannot put into words.
Even if you do have a degree…

The emotions put into music,
the emotions from music;
it truly is an intangible,
undefinable, mystery.

The cause of so much empathy
through people you never met.
Or the celebration
of days you never saw.

What do you want

In case you haven’t noticed
I’m trying to poet.
I’m not sure
where to go next,
so your input would
be greatly appreciated.

My awful attempt at rhyming, there’s a reason I don’t do that. Comment on a couple of topics, ideas, whatever really that you would enjoy seeing a poem about. I have about a million directions to go, some limiting of those directions would be helpful.

Those “Shoulda’s”

You should never
regret the things
you didn’t do.

You should never
regret a shoulda,
or a coulda,
or woulda.

If you regret anything,
it should be
those stupid times,
those silly stories,
those memories.

If you ever
regret anything,
make it the times
you were silly enough
to do unwise things,
and made lifelong
memories, with lifelong friends.