What is Music?

Can you define music?
Well sure,
that’s easy! You might say

It can be scientific,
“Sound vibrations
of distinct frequencies…”

It can be the literal definition,
“the written or printed signs representing
vocal or instrumental sound.”

But none of those truly define
the whole embodiment of music.

It is a way of showing joy
or maybe showing off.
It can show sadness,
or anger, or happiness.

You hear, sometimes you feel
all those feelings that you cannot put into words.
Even if you do have a degree…

The emotions put into music,
the emotions from music;
it truly is an intangible,
undefinable, mystery.

The cause of so much empathy
through people you never met.
Or the celebration
of days you never saw.


8 thoughts on “What is Music?

  1. Your very first poem was about music, but it was very ambiguous. I’m wondering if theres a connection between the two. Either way I love this poem. You’re right; music is hard to define but it itself can help explain other things.


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